Conspire - incoherent sentences on a diversified topic

by Ferenc Gróf

What does conspiracy mean in such a context? A real conspiracy can be unmasked? If not, is it the camouflage of a camouflage? Local reference: as reform-communists turned into neo-libero-socialsomethings, as young libertarians turned into nationalo-populo-conservato-anythings. Covering the cover. The tautology as national sport, as national pastime. To hatch a plot against a plot. Lenin went out once to Budapest's Moulin Rouge in Nagymez? utca and got syphilis and stroke simultaneously. Free liberonationalist flea market, i.e. politics of cost-of-living, the threeforint operetta of public-private partnership. Cinematographic illustration: the taxi driver invites the state-secretary for another unicum in the Piaf bar (also in the Nagymez? utca) at 6 am. Is it surprising that this word, "politics" exists no more in Central/Eastern Europe? Or: is there an interest behind the depolitization of this region? The aromatic aroma of oxymora. Why are there two ship shaped buildings in Budapest? Lehel tér (square), the new marketplace by László Rajk and the new national theatre by Mária Siklós at the Soroksári street? What does it symbolize? Two ships, one in the north, the other in the south part of Pest. The northern one is for fruits, meat and vegetables, the southern one is for playing theatre pieces. What does it mean? The banal contrast of real and artificial? Budapest, as the harbour of the Hungarian ocean? Paranoiac freemasonry or simple dilettatism? Oh yeah, para-paranoia. In the hungarian slang "para" means "fear", "to be afraid". Don't para = don't be afraid. I para that it's another plot. Para-culture, para-economics, para-military, para-nationalism, para-socialism, para-capitalism, para-nazism. Para-literal. No critics, only paranoia. The Myth of Mental Illness. Acute stress reaction, adjustment disorder, alcohol and substance dependence, attention deficit disorder, bulimia nervosa, expressive language disorder, generalized (social) anxiety disorder, kleptomania, narcissistic personality disorder, clinical depression. The Myth of Suicide? It's out of fashion. Even if it's in contradiciton with the statistics. Too romantico-poetico-prophetic kitsch. Politico-artistical suicide? Why not. We love kitsch, anyway. Nowadays only the (extreme) right activists go for a revolution, like Imre Kerényi, the theater director, who said that "there are two hungarian countries: the 1100 years old Hungary of Saint Steven and the Hungary of kun bélas who show no mercy to the other Hungary". This antithesis of historical characters (Saint Steven (István) was the very first christian king, the communist Béla Kun, who came from a protestant-jewish family, was the leader of the 1919 hungarian soviet) is a (stereo)typical, pre-fab hungarian cliché, hungaro-parano-political kitsch. These conspirators... So, on one hand there's the retrophiliac fascio-nationalism, while on the other hand there is this special kind of neofeudalo-liberalism. What is between the hands? Shake, cocktail, melange, bricolage. The "collage" as symbiosis: parasitism (- +), mutualism (+ +), commensalism (0 +), amensalism (0 -). Parasitic scheme, in which the relationship is disadvantageous or destructive to one of the participants and beneficial to the other (+ ?), mutualistic scheme, in which the relationship is advantageous to both (+ +). How to create a work (collage-bricolage) which should be a total artistico-political self-destruct? To be mutually parasitic? Is it possible at all to ruin yourself, to be ridiculous, hated, despised? Posing this question is already ridiculous, a consequence of generalized mythomania. Pathological lying as a derivation of mythoparanoia. Since 1989, there were dozens of artists and former cultural-political heroes unmasked as informers, denunciators of the "Ancien Régime". Since 1989, there were dozens of artists and former cultural-political heroes, who became fearless fascists. There are former denunciators turned into fascists also. The Real Transformers: Robots in Disguise. Generalized conspiracy: the new camouflage merges with the old one.

To collaborate
Dating from 1871, collaboration is a back-formation from collaborator (1802), from the French collaborateur, ultimately from the Latin collaboratus, past participle of collaborare ("work with"), itself derived from com- ("with") and labore ("to work").
To conspire
Etymologically, the term comes from Latin con- "with, together", and spirare "to breathe".

We/They do breathing exercises. Synchronised mouth-to-mouth inhalation-exhalation. Ass to mouth resuscitation. The psychomotor of the Myth of Paranoia.